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Sharp LC-80LE661UB DUNTKG577FM05 (KG577WE) IC3101 NAND Parts Kit

Sharp LC-80LE661UB DUNTKG577FM05 (KG577WE) IC3101 NAND Parts Kit

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Sharp LC-80LE661UB DUNTKG577FM05 (KG577WE) IC3101 Nand Repair Kit
Brand: Sharp
Model: LC-80LE661UB
Part number: DUNTKG577FM05
Board number:​ KG577WE
Parts included: IC3101

Attention: No returns are allowed on components that have been soldered. 

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Common symptoms this kit can resolve:

  • Stuck on Sharp Logo
  • TV shows logo but then shuts off
  • TV Cycles on and off
  • Audio Failure
  • Menus are slow to respond
  • Sometimes the TV freezes
  • Standby light flashes continously
  • If the standby light blinks every few seconds, it's a 1-blink error due to faulty LED strips. Replace them, and then send in your mainboard for reprogramming, which our service covers. Reinstalling the mainboard without replacing the LED strips will lead to a recurrence of the issue.

    New LED strips for sale (80" model only)

Symptoms the kit will NOT fix:

  • TV is completely Dead (no power)
  • HDMI failure