Our mission

Our mission is to reduce electronic waste through advanced component and software level repairs!

Meet our staff

Our professional team is led by Nick Arnaud, owner and CEO of the company, and employs many experienced individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, including college students, previous repair technicians, software developers and military veterans.

  • Nick Arnaud

    Owner & CEO

    Nick founded Arnaud Investment LLC in 2013 DBA Nick's TV repair as a sole owner and employee. As the business grew, a need for component level repairs became obvious, a second location was acquired for the sole purpose of circuit board Mail-in repairs.
    The business now services electronics from various industries and has recently rebranded as Nick's Electronic repair.

  • Juan Valenzuela

    Lead Technician

    Juan is in charge of R&D, and has implemented numerous new ideas and technologies, such as BGA repairs, and micro soldering. In his free time, he likes to restore old video game server protocols and recently has been interested in data recovery. Juan has been an influential member of the team since 2014.

  • Ashley

    Soldering Technician / Testing Technician / Logistics Manager

    Ashley, our Jack of all trades performs component level repairs, thorough diagnostics, and testing for quality assurance. Ashley has been an extremely valuable team member since 2015

  • Jerry Huerta

    TV Repair Technician
    Jerry formerly owned and operated his own TV repair shop in the late 90's early 2000.
    Jerry now performs all diagnostics, and part installations for all devices dropped off localy at our Tucson location.
    Jerry performs TV repairs primarily but also performs audio exquipment repairs and much more.

  • Richard K

    Nick's TV Repair Customer Service/Front desk

  • Adriel Silva

    Repair technician / eBay store manager
    He is currently in the process of learning all levels of soldering and how to program IC chips for our repair services. Adriel is known for his passion surrounding computer hardware and often enjoys tinkering with old video game hardware. Adriel has been with Nick's TV's since 2021.

  • KG

    Graphics Designer and Video Editor

    KG is responsible for creating and designing thumbnails and editing all of our Youtube content. While not working, they design on non-profit graphics and tinkering with old gaming hardware and retro games. Despite being one of the newest additions to the team, they bring exceptional passion and talent to the company.

  • Steve Nguyen

    Customer service manager
    Steve is a valuable member of the team with in depth knowledge of our products, and services. Steve has great technical experience and knowledge. He can answer any and all technical questions you throw at him!