CPC4 Common Powertrain Controller Repair

How to Diagnose your CPC4

Unsure if your CPC4 is defective? Check out our full how to Diagnostics page.
You can also check out the video (left) where we show you how we do it.
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We also provide an affordable $19.95 Mail-in CPC4 diagnostic service which can be credited towards the cost of your repair.

CPC4 Diagnostic Service

Common CPC4 Symptoms We Repair

  • Truck does not start/intermittently starts
  • Dead Throttle/no throttle
  • No acceleration pedal signal detected
  • Truck won't go over a certain speed (10mph)
  • No communication
  • Check engine light due to CPC
  • CPC reads as a different module
  • CPC failure with faulty codes - SPN 609 FMI 1 or SPN 961/FMI 2 - GHG14
  • CPC clock data invalid
  • DEF engine light blinks red in full tank
  • Dashboard Cluster loses communication
  • Not counting mileage correctly

How it works

Ship your defective CPC4 module to our repair service center. We then inspect and diagnose your CPC4 to confirm the fault. Once the failure is identified, we perform the appropriate repairs followed by thorough bench testing and quality checks. Once the module is confirmed fully functional it is shipped back via your selected method of shipping.
All of our CPC4 Repairs come with a 1 Year Warranty!

CPC4 Repair Service

How to fix a CPC4

The most common cause of a defective CPC4 is bad solder connections between the CPC4's main processor and the circuit board. To fix it a reball is required. Learn more by checking out our in depth Repair tutorial breakdown

How we Fix a CPC4