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Vizio P502UI-B1 756TXECB0TK0030 (715G6924-M01-000-005T) Mainboard Repair Service

Vizio P502UI-B1 756TXECB0TK0030 (715G6924-M01-000-005T) Mainboard Repair Service

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Vizio P502UI-B1 756TXECB0TK0030 (715G6924-M01-000-005T) Mainboard Repair Service

Brand: Vizio

Model: P502UI-B1
Part number: 756TXECB0TK0030 
Board number: ​715G6924-M01-000-005T
AttentionYou must ship us your original defective board for us to repair and return it. This is not an item for sale, it is a repair service.
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Common Symptoms Our Service Covers:

  • TV has no power not even standby light
  • TV has power, standby light does turn on, but no picture on screen
  • TV can be turned on and off, but no picture appears and no sound
  • Half of the screen has static
  • Distortion/static on the entire screen
  • TV turns on but is stuck on logo or shuts off after showing V logo
  • Other failures may occur. Please contact us first if your failure is not listed.