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Frigidaire Oven Control Board 5304518661 Repair Service

Frigidaire Oven Control Board 5304518661 Repair Service

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Frigidaire Oven Control Board 5304518661 Repair Service

Brand: Frigidaire Kenmore
Models: FGF337ECC FGF326ASF FGF337AWE FGF326ASA FGF326ASD FGF337AWA FGF326ASJ FGF337ASA FGF337AWJ FGF326ASC FGF337AWC FGF337BCG FGF328FSA FGF337ASC FGF326ASE FGF337BCF FGF337ECD TGFS26CQA FGF328GMA FGF328GSB FGF337BCD FGF337EBC FGF337EUC FGF337EUD FGF337GCA TGF336AUC TGF336AUE TGF336AWA TGFS26CBA FGF337ASE FGF337BCC TGFS26CQB FGF326ASB FGF328FSB FGF328GBA FGF328GMB FGF337ASB FGF337ASJ FGF337AUF FGF337AWF FGF337BCE FGF337ESD TGF320DWA TGF336AUD TGF336AWD TGF336AWE FGF326ASH FGF326FSA FGF328FMA FGF328FMB FGF328GBB FGF337ABA FGF337ABF FGF337ABJ FGF337ASF FGF337ASL FGF337AUA FGF337AUC FGF337AUE FGF337AUH FGF337AUJ FGF337AWD FGF337AWH FGF337BCA FGF337BCB FGF337BCH FGF337EBD FGF337EWC FGF337GSA FGFS36FWA FGFS36FWB TGF320DWC TGF336ASD TGF336AWC TGF336FWA TGFS26CSA TGFS26CSB 790.70419500 790.70419501 790.70419502 790.70429600 790.71410400 790.71410401 790.71410403 790.71410404 790.71411400 790.71411401 790.71411403 790.71411404 790.71412400 790.71412401 790.71412403 790.71412404 790.71414400 790.71414401 790.71419400 790.71419401 790.71420400 790.71420401 790.71420402 790.71420403 790.71420404 790.71421400 790.71421401 790.71421403 790.71421404 790.71422400 790.71422401 790.71422403 790.71422404 790.71424400 790.71424401 790.71429400 790.71429401 790.71441600 790.71442600 790.71451600 790.71452600 790.71510400 790.71510401 790.71511400 790.71511401 790.71511403 790.71511404 790.71512400 790.71512401 790.71512403 790.71512404 790.71513400 790.71513401 790.71513402 790.71513403 790.71513405 790.71514400 790.71514401 790.71514403 790.71514404 790.71519400 790.71519401 790.71519403 790.71519404 790.71520400 790.71520401 790.71521400 790.71521401 790.71521403 790.71521404 790.71522400 790.71522401 790.71522403 790.71522404 790.71523400 790.71523401 790.71523402 790.71523403 790.71523405 790.71524400 790.71524401 790.71524403 790.71524404 790.71529400 790.71529401 790.71529403 790.71529404 790.71533400 790.71533401 790.71541600 790.71542600 790.71543600 790.71544600 790.71549600 790.71551600 790.71552600 790.71553600 790.71554600 790.71559600 790.75193300 790.75193301 790.75193302 CFGF3017LWA CFGF3017LWB CFGF3017LWC CFGF3017LWD CFGF337ESC CFGF337ESD CFGF337ESE CFGF337GSA CFGF337GSB CFGF337GSD CFGF337GSE CFGF337GSF CRG3150PBA CRG3150PSA CRG3150PWA CRG3180PBA CRG3180PWA FFGF3011LBA FFGF3011LBB FFGF3011LBC FFGF3011LBD FFGF3011LBE FFGF3011LBF FFGF3011LBG FFGF3011LBH FFGF3011LWA FFGF3011LWB FFGF3011LWC FFGF3011LWD FFGF3011LWE FFGF3011LWF FFGF3011LWG FFGF3011LWH FFGF3011LWJ FFGF3011RSA FFGF3011RSB FFGF3011RSC FFGF3012TBA FFGF3012TBB FFGF3012TBC FFGF3012TWA FFGF3012TWB FFGF3012TWC FFGF3013LBA FFGF3013LBB FFGF3013LBC FFGF3013LBD FFGF3013LWA FFGF3013LWB FFGF3013LWC FFGF3013LWD FFGF3013ZWA FFGF3013ZWB FFGF3013ZWC FFGF3015LBA FFGF3015LBB FFGF3015LBC FFGF3015LBD FFGF3015LBE FFGF3015LBF FFGF3015LBG FFGF3015LMA FFGF3015LMB FFGF3015LMC FFGF3015LMD FFGF3015LME FFGF3015LMF FFGF3015LMG FFGF3015LWA FFGF3015LWB FFGF3015LWC FFGF3015LWD FFGF3015LWE FFGF3015LWF FFGF3015LWG FFGF3016TBA FFGF3016TBB FFGF3016TMA FFGF3016TSA FFGF3016TWA FFGF3016TWB FFGF3017LBA FFGF3017LBB FFGF3017LBC FFGF3017LBD FFGF3017LBE FFGF3017LBF FFGF3017LBG FFGF3017LBH FFGF3017LSA FFGF3017LSB FFGF3017LSC FFGF3017LSD FFGF3017LSE FFGF3017LSG FFGF3017LWA FFGF3017LWB FFGF3017LWC FFGF3017LWD FFGF3017LWE FFGF3017LWF FFGF3017LWG FFGF3017LWH FFGF3019LBA FFGF3019LBB FFGF3019LBC FFGF3019LBD FFGF3019LBE FFGF3019LWA FFGF3019LWB FFGF3019LWC FFGF3019LWD FFGF3019LWE FFGF3019LWF FFGF3019LWG FFGF3019LWH FFGF3019LWJ FFGF3047LSA FFGF3047LSB FFGF3047LSC FFGF3047LSD FFGF3047LSE FFGF3047LSF FFGF3047LSG FFGF3047LSH FFGF3047LSJ FFGF3049LSA FFGF3049LSB FFGF3049LSC FFGF3049LSD FFGF3049LSE FFGF3049LSF FFGF3049LSG FFGF3049LSH FFGF3049LSJ FFGF3049LSK FFGF3051TBA FFGF3051TSA FFGF3051TSB FFGF3051TWA FFGF3052TBA FFGF3052TBC FFGF3052TDA FFGF3052TSA FFGF3052TSB FFGF3052TSC FFGF3052TWA FFGF3052TWB FFLF3015LMA FFLF3017LWA FFLF3017LWB FFLF3017LWD FFLF3047LSA FFLF3047LSB FFLF3047LSC FFLF3047LSD FFLF3047LSE FFLF3047LSF FFLF3049SSA FFLF3049SSB FFLF3052USA FGF318GCA FGF318GCB FGF318GCC FGF319KBA FGF319KBB FGF319KSA FGF319KSB FGF326ASG FGF326AUA FGF326AUB FGF326AUD FGF326AUE FGF326AUF FGF326AUJ FGF326AWA FGF326AWB FGF326AWD FGF326AWE FGF326AWF FGF326AWJ FGF326FWA FGF326KBA FGF326KBB FGF326KBC FGF326KSA FGF326KSB FGF326KSC FGF328FBA FGF328GBD FGF328GBE FGF328GBF FGF328GBG FGF328GBH FGF328GBX FGF328GMD FGF328GME FGF328GMF FGF328GMG FGF328GMH FGF328GMJ FGF328GSA FGF328GSC FGF328GSD FGF328GSE FGF328GSF FGF328GSG FGF328GSH FGF328GSJ FGF328GSK FGF328GSX FGF328GSY FGF328GSZ FGF337ABB FGF337ABC FGF337ABD FGF337ABE FGF337ABH FGF337ABL FGF337ASD FGF337ASH FGF337AUD FGF337AUL FGF337AWL FGF337BCL FGF337EBA FGF337ECA FGF337ESA FGF337ESC FGF337EUA FGF337EWA FGF337EWD FGF337GBA FGF337GBB FGF337GBC FGF337GBD FGF337GBE FGF337GBF FGF337GBG FGF337GCB FGF337GCC FGF337GCD FGF337GCE FGF337GCF FGF337GCG FGF337GCH FGF337GCJ FGF337GCK FGF337GSB FGF337GSC FGF337GSD FGF337GSE FGF337GSF FGF337GSG FGF337GUA FGF337GUB FGF337GUC FGF337GUD FGF337GUE FGF337GUF FGF337GWA FGF337GWB FGF337GWC FGF337GWD FGF337GWE FGF337GWF FGF345GSA FGF345GSB FGF345GSC FGF345GSD FGF348KBA FGF348KBB FGF348KCA FGF348KCB FGF348KCC FGF348KCD FGF348KCE FGF348KCF FGF348KCG FGF348KCH FGF348KCJ FGF348KCK FGF348KCM FGF348KCN FGF348KMA FGF348KMB FGF348KSA FGF348KSB FGF348KSC FGF348KSD FGF348KSE FGF348KSF FGF348KSG FGF348KSH FGF348KSJ FGF348KSK FGFB337GCA FGFB337GCB FGFB337GCC FGFB337GCD FGFB337GCE FGFB337GCF FGFB337GCG FGFS36FUA FGFS36FUC FGFS36FUD FGFS36FWC FGFS36FWD FGFS36FWE FGFS36FWF FGFS36FWG FGFS36FWH FGFS36FWJ FLF326ASA FLF337AUA FLF337AUB FLF337AUC FLF337AUD FLF337AUE FLF337AUG FLF337AUH FLF337AWA FLF337AWB FLF337AWC FLF337AWD FLF337AWE FLF337AWG FLF337AWH FLF337ECC FLF337ECD FLF337ECE FLF337ECF FLF337ECG FLF337ECH FLF337ECJ FLF337ECK FLF337ECM FLF337ECN FLF337ECP FLF337ECR FLF337ECS FLF337EUC FLF337EUD FLF337EUE FLF337EUF FLF337EUH FLF337EUJ FLF337EUK FLF337EUM FLF337EWC FLF337EWD FLF337EWE FLF337EWF FLF337EWH FLF337EWJ FLF337EWK FLF337EWM FLF345HSA LFGF3014LBA LFGF3014LBB LFGF3014LBC LFGF3014LWA LFGF3014LWB LFGF3014LWC LFGF3052TFA LFGF3052TFB NGSG3PMASA TGF320DUA TGF320DWB TGF328GSA TGF328GSB TGF328GSC TGF328GSD TGF328GSE TGF328GSF TGF328GSG TGF328GSH TGF336ASA TGF336ASB TGF336ASC TGF336ASE TGF336ASF TGF336ASG TGF336ASH TGF336ASJ TGF336AUA TGF336AUF TGF336AUG TGF336AWF TGF336AWG TGF336AWH TGF336AWJ TGF336FSA TGF336FSB TGF336FWB TGF336FWC TGF336FWD TGF336FWE TGF336FWF TGFS26CBB TGFS26CBC TGFS26CQC TGFS26CSC TGFS36FWA
Part number: 5304518661
Compatible part numbers: 833235 AH440917 EA440917 PS440917

AttentionYou must ship us your original defective module for us to repair and return. This is not an item for sale, it is a repair service.

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Common Symptoms Our Service Covers:

  • Oven Heating element does not work
  • Intermittent error codes, including F1, F2, F3, F4
  • Oven exceeds the temperature setpoint or will not turn off
  • Oven does not reach temperature
  • Oven display, clock or electric range control (ERC) is dim or completely out


  • Contact us first before purchasing the service