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Oven Control Board 12001603 Repair Service

Oven Control Board 12001603 Repair Service

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Oven Control Board 12001603 Repair Service

Brands: Maytag, Magic Chef, Jenn-Air, Crosley, Admiral, Hardwick, and Norge
Models: CRE9600CCE CRE9400CCE 3868VVV CRE8600CCE CRE9400BCW CRE9600CCM 3868XVW 3888WVS CRE9400CCW 3862VVV CRE9400BCL 3867VVV 3868XVA CRE8600CCM CRE9400CCM CRE9600BCL FCE10500A CRE9400BCE 3868VVD CRE9600BCE FCE10500W CE3878VVV CRE9400CCL CRE9500BCE FCE30510W 3888XVB CRE9400BCM CREA650ACL 3860XVW 3862XVW CRE8600BCL CRE9800CCB CE3878VVD CRE9300BCW CRE9600BCW 3868KYW-D 3868SYA 3888VVV CRE8600BCW FCE30500B 3867VVD 3868XVB CRE8600CCW CRE9500BCL CRE9500CCE CRE9800BCB 3862XVA 3867XVB 3868SYW 3888VVA CE3878VVA CRE8600CCL CRE9800CCE CRE9800CCM FCE10500B FCE10510A FCE30500A 3860XVA 3862VVD 3882VVV 3882XVA 3888VVD 68-454650 68-454657 68-4567-40 68-456750 68-456751 68-456757 CE3878VVW CRE8600CCB CRE9400CCB CRE9500BCW CRE9500CCM CRE9800BCE CREA650ACB CREA650ACW CREA750ACB CREA750ACE CREA750ACM FCE10500WC FCE10501WC FCE10510B FCE10510W FCE30500W FCE30510A FCE30510B H3878XVA H3878XVB H3878XVW N3878VVD N3878VVV N3878XVA N3878XVW
Compatible part numbers: 12001255 12001265 12001306 12001307
12001457 12001458 12001602 12001604 400580 74001282 74001318
74001319 74001402 74001550 74001677 74002096 74002097 74002098
74002219 74002220 74002221 74002729 74002730 74003172 74005995
7601P229-60 7601P234-60 7601P236-60 7601P237-60 7601P304-60
AH2003177 EA2003177 PS2003177 7601P425-60

AttentionYou must ship us your original defective module for us to repair and return it. This is not an item for sale, it is a repair service.

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Common Symptoms Our Service Covers:

  • Oven Heating element does not work
  • Intermittent error codes, including F1, F2, F3, F4
  • Oven exceeds the temperature setpoint or will not turn off
  • Oven does not reach temperature
  • Oven display, clock or electric range control (ERC) is dim or completely out


  • Contact us first before purchasing the service