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Dryer Control Board WPW10174745 Repair Service

Dryer Control Board WPW10174745 Repair Service

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Refrigerator Control Board WPW10174745 Repair Service

Models: 11097872603 11097892602 7MWGD9200TQ1 7MWGD9400TU1 7MWGD9400TU2 MEDE300VF0 MEDE300VF1 MEDE300VF2 MEDE300VW0 MEDE300VW1 MEDE400XR0 MEDE400XW0 MGDE300VF0 MGDE300VF1 MGDE300VF2 MGDE300VF3 MGDE300VW0 MGDE300VW3 MGDE400XR0 MGDE400XR1 MGDE400XW0 MGDE400XW1 NED7500VM0 NED7500VM1 NED7500VW0 NED7500VW1 NGD7500VM1 NGD7500VW0 NGD7500VW1 WED9200SQ1 WED9200SQ2 WED9300VU0 WED9300VU1 WED9400SB1 WED9400ST1WED9400SU1 WED9400SU2 WED9400SW1 WED9400SW2 WED9400SZ1 WED9400SZ2 WED9400VE0 WED9400VE1 WGD9200SQ1 WGD9300VU0 WGD9300VU1 WGD9400SB1 WGD9400ST1 WGD9400SU1 WGD9400SW1 WGD9400SW2 WGD9400SW3 WGD9400SZ1 WGD9400SZ2 WGD9400SZ3 WGD9400VE0 WGD9400VE1 YMEDE300VF0 YMEDE300VF1 YMEDE300VF2 YMEDE300VW0 YMEDE300VW1 YMEDE400XR0 YMEDE400XW0 YNED7500XW0 YWED9200SQ1 YWED9200SQ2 YWED9300VU0 YWED9300VU1 YWED9400SU1 YWED9400SU2 YWED9400SW1 YWED9400SW2 YWED9400SZ1 YWED9400VE0 YWED9400VE1
Compatible part numbers:
W10174745 W10174745R W10200473 W10182366

AttentionYou must ship us your original defective module for us to repair and return. This is not an item for sale, it is a repair service.

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Common Symptoms Our Service Covers:

  • Dryer will not heat 
  • Dryer will not spin
  • F1 Error Code
  • F01 Error Code


  • Contact us first before purchasing the service