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Oven Control Board 7601P207-60 Repair Service

Oven Control Board 7601P207-60 Repair Service

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7601P207-60 7428P010-60 Oven Control Board Repair Service

Brand: Whirlpool, Maytag, Magic Chef and Admiral
Models: 7601P207-60 7428P010-60
Part number: 6898VRV 6898XRB 6898VRA 7858XRW 5898XRB 6892VRA 7858XUACHE9800ACE 5892VRV 6892XRS 6898XRA 7858XUW A6898VRV CHE9000ACBCHE9800ACB 5892VRA 5892XRS 5898VRA 6892XRA 6892XRW 6895VRA7858XRA 7898VRA 7898VRV 7898XRA 7898XRW A5892XRS A5898VRVA5898XRB A6892XRS A6898XRB CFE9000ACB L6892VRV 100-542-017601P207-60R W10125724

AttentionYou must ship us your original defective module for us to repair and return. This is not an item for sale, it is a repair service.

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Common Symptoms Our Service Covers:

  • Oven Heating element does not work
  • Intermittent error codes, including F1, F2, F3, F4
  • Oven exceeds the temperature setpoint or will not turn off
  • Oven does not reach temperature
  • Oven display, clock or electric range control (ERC) is dim or completely out


  • Contact us first before purchasing the service