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Oven Control Board 318185446 Repair Service

Oven Control Board 318185446 Repair Service

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Oven Control Board 318185446 Repair Service

Brand: Frigidaire/Kenmore
Models: FEB24S5ASB FEB24S5ASA FED367DSA FES355DSA FES367ASE FES367DSA FEF450BWA FES367ASH FEF450BWB FES367ASB FES367ASG FES367DSC FED355ASF FED355DSB FED367ASE FEF450BWCFEF450BWE FES355ASA FES355ASH FES367ASC FES367ASF 790.40452800 790.40452801 790.45062400 790.45062401 790.45071400 790.45072400 790.45072401 790.45662102 790.45662103 790.45662104 790.45781300790.45782300 790.45791102 790.45791103 790.45792102 790.45792103 790.46101300 790.46102300 790.46351400 790.46351401 790.46352400 790.46352401 790.46572400 790.46991102 790.46991103 790.46992102 790.46992103790.47102400 FEB24S5ASC FED355ASA FED355ASB FED355ASC FED355ASD FED355ASE FED355DSA FED367ASA FED367ASB FED367ASC FED367ASD FED367ASF FED367DSB FEF450BWD FEF450BWFFES355ASB FES355ASC FES355ASD FES355ASE FES355ASF FES355ASG FES355DSB FES367ASA FES367ASD FES368DSA FES368DSB FES368DSC FGS367DSA FGS367ESA FGS379DSA FGS379ESA
Compatible Part Numbers:1032696 318185410 318185413 318185450 318185451 318185462 318185475 318185478 318185491 AH820812 EA820812 PS820812
AttentionYou must ship us your original defective module for us to repair and return. This is not an item for sale, this is a repair service.

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Common Symptoms Our Service Covers:

  • Oven Heating element does not work
  • Intermittent error codes, including F1, F2, F3, F4
  • Oven exceeds the temperature setpoint or will not turn off
  • Oven does not reach temperature
  • Broiler element does not work
  • Convection bake does not work
  • Clean does not work
  • Heavy burning/damaged PCB is repairable, but is subject to additional fees


  • Contact us first before purchasing the service

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